“UNLOCK: The Secrets to a Winning Life” is a practical guide to self-discovery and winning in life.

In this book, I take you through a framework, based on my proprietary Winning Life Model™, to help you discover your core purpose, build your capabilities, unlock your possibilities, and be better positioned to harness opportunities required to win in life.

This book is designed to help individuals unlock and transform their minds. It serves a dual purpose: as a book and as a transformational journal.  It is divided into three (3) parts with twenty (20) sections. Each section has five (5) relevant nuggets and explanatory notes, instructions to guide the reader. And there is a guided reflection space at the end of every section.

Each part takes the reader through a winning experience from Inward to Outward. The first part, The Core, will help you to reconnect with your why, realign your perspectives and your capabilities so that you can gain a deep-seated meaning and clarity about the kind of change you seek to make with your life.

The second part, The Mantle, covers sections that will help you discover your possibilities and build the inner edifice to support you on your quest for living an extraordinary life.

The third part of the book, The Crust, will sharpen your eyes to better see opportunities by showing you principles for living a life of impact and how to sustain your momentum for winning in life.

At the end of the book, there are exercises, worksheets, and guides for creating a Winning Life. The whole essence of this book is for you to rethink, rediscover, and re-purpose your life by unlocking your true self.









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