I Just Became an Author

I Just Became an Author

Yippee… I am now an author!

I recently had the privilege of authoring a book titled UNLOCK: The Secrets to a Winning Life.

The book is a product of my journey through life so far; a compendium of my discovery with respect to the most critical framework and tools for self-discovery and constantly winning in life. It is based on my proprietary Winning Life Model™️ and supported by captured nuggets during my transformation process

UNLOCK is tailored to take every reader through a careful and constructive path towards what I call the Wining Life Experience, which will change their perspectives, unravel their capabilities and help them to unlock/maximize the possibilities and opportunities around them, that life laces their paths with.

I am convinced of the timeliness and wealth of this book to effect change in the lives of people in these uncertain times we’re in. Especially that Covid-19 has disrupted our world, how we work, do business, interact with others, and even where we go to and when. It’s a new day for the world.

But more importantly, how can you – personally – get out of the Survival Mode that everyone else is in and into the Thrive Mode – a state of mind and being that is guaranteed to bring you into what I call The Winning Life Experience.

This is simply the thrust of UNLOCK, and I invite you to learn more about it here and see what people are saying about it.

Getting a copy comes with a Personal Unlock Code (PUC) that will serve as your direct access code to the many treasures that will unfold in the months ahead, such as the exclusive Winning Life Experience events and loads more juicy perks. Put otherwise, a copy of UNLOCK enlists you into a wide network of progressive thinkers who are committed to helping one another to achieve the success they each desire.

I believe you like that. So, get your copy right away. Click here.

Furthermore, a percentage of proceeds from the book will go to non-profit initiatives.


Your Winning Life Partner,


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