New Year: Nothing Will Change Unless….

New Year: Nothing Will Change Unless….

Another 365 days gone, another opportunity given to man to live and to be grateful to the Almighty. Another opportunity to try, succeed, fail, learn and be better. Yesterday is gone, today is another day, a chance to be you, to be great and successful.

Somewhere in your past lies the reason for your present and your actions or inactions today will determine your tomorrow.

The secret to your success is you, your mind, what you do and what you have learned. The reason for your failure is also you, your mind, what you have failed to do and everything you refused to learn.

In the New Year, nothing about you will change unless you change your mindset. The mind is a very powerful tool, it is God’s gift to man. It controls everything about us. It is as deep or as shallow as you want it to be. The difference between an ordinary man and a great man is simply the way they think. A man will begin to make something out of his life the moment he makes up his mind to be great and commit to doing the hard work required to be great. Success does not come cheap, no successful man or woman has had it easy. The secret to your success is in what you do daily, it is a culmination of your past and present efforts.

Even though God truly chooses who He favours but many men have plundered such favours and blessings by their own actions or inactions. In as much as your destiny is defined by God, but your decision is defined by you. God’s job is to favour you and provide you with opportunities, but your choices, your actions, and inactions will shape your destiny. Many men have left their own part of the “Man/God Contract” entirely to God forgetting that miracles happen only when a man has tried his very best and he is helpless.

In this New Year, endeavour to Work as Hard as you Pray, because irrespective of how much you pray, God will only bless the work of your hands, not your fantasies. Therefore stop making excuses, set achievable and realistic targets, and achieve results. Stop being ordinary, do the extra to achieve the extraordinary.

Happy New Year!


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