Part 1

Insider View: A Peek into Part 1 of Unlock

As a foretaste, here’s a sneak peek into the ‘goldmine’ pages of UNLOCK.

UNLOCK has three(3) parts, each of which has several sections under them. Each section has five(5) nuggets (#PheekWords) with commentary notes under them and accompanied by thought-provoking Reflections to translate the knowledge into actionable points.

Following The Winning Life Model™ – which is the crux of the book, Part 1 starts off with a clear proposition:

Your outer world is simply a response to the workings of your inner world. The outputs and results of your life will always – invariably – be a reflection of who you intrinsically are at your core, starting with your perspectives on life and on to your capabilities.

Thus, Part 1 deals on the subject of clarifying your perspectives and discovering your capabilities as foundational steps in your quest to lead a life of perpetual winning. Put otherwise, Winning in Life starts with thorough self-awareness.

Your perspectives speak of your purpose, the why of your living. In Part 1 of UNLOCK, I propose that life was designed to be lived from the inside-out and not otherwise. Anything contrary will only lead to frustration and defeat. Hence, you must start the journey to the winning life from the place of clarity on your purpose, then on to your mindset, focus, decisions, personal power, personal ethics, self-development, self-differentiation, and attitude. These constitute your core and inform the outcomes of your life.

Your inner world, your core, is the womb of your life. It is the eminent manufacturer of the life you desire and yearn for. Whatever your inner world does not conceive, nurture and brood over can never manifest externally for you. This is why most people struggle through life. They miss the order. They try to change their external realities without first considering and fixing what’s broken in their inner world. They try to live life from the outside-in. Wrong! That can only breed a life of perpetual chaos and misalignment. Instead, life is to be lived from the inside-out, from your core to the crust.

I can’t wait to see what transformation this book will make happen in your life, my friend.

The promise is simple: the Winning Life Experience.








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