Part 2

What to Expect from Part 2 of UNLOCK

Note: read the first part of this UNLOCK chapter review series here before reading this.

Here below, find a brief peek into the second part of UNLOCK for your reading pleasure.


Having clarified your perspectives and capabilities in Part 1, Part 2 sets you out to harness and unleash your possibilities with power and grit. It is predicated upon a firm belief that “Life is an embodiment of possibilities waiting to be harnessed, and living is an opportunity to unravel these prospects for enriching your experience meticulously.” More so, our possibilities as humans are limitless and unfathomable, so we must keep on striving to unravel them to enhance our lives.

Your possibilities connote prospects and potential, what you can make happen for yourself based on deliberate and conscious effort… The quality of your inner workings will determine the quality and magnitude of possibilities that you can attract and unfold for yourself. Remember that you are the sole architect of your own life. Every other person’s input is only a contribution, and of which you determine the extent and quality of impact on you. So, it would be best if you endeavoured to live deliberately, minding how your inner world births and impacts on your outer world.

To harness your limitless possibilities, you must pay keen attention to qualities such as leadership – which is an inevitable precursor to the quality of life you will lead, excellence – because nobody pays for mediocrity, success – whatever it means for you based on your discovered purpose, failure – your perception of and interaction with it, relationships – the type and quality that you forge and sustain… and lots more.


Again, UNLOCK is not your regular book on a shelf. It was born from a place of purpose and passion to reveal to people the critical frameworks for winning in life, for transcending mere survival or trial and error mode, and coming into a place of winning streaks.

So, don’t delay to get your copy. Great transformation awaits you on the pages of UNLOCK.








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