Part 3

The Winning Life Experience

Part 3 of UNLOCK is very practical by design. And the goal is to bring you through a thorough experience of self-awareness and -assessment, so that you are well-prepped for the Winning Life Experience that the book promises.

This is the intention of the UNLOCK journey: to prepare and equip you to identify opportunities around you and seize and maximize them to forge your life forward and make winning your perpetual experience.

This section has four practical exercises to help you articulate your preparedness for winning in life. They are:

  1. The Winning Life Pie

Based on six(6) critical indices, the Winning Life Pie will help you to clearly articulate the dynamics of your life as a project that you must endeavour to manage effectively. It is premised on the proposition that “Your life is a project; you need to manage it. Like any other project, it is a unique endeavour that must have a defined scope (you can’t be everything), with limited resources (you can’t have it all) and a specific timeline (you are here for an appointed time, no one lives forever)… you are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the project.

  1. Actualizing the Winning Life Table

Simply, “your life project should be vision-driven. In order to win and succeed in life, it is very crucial to develop your own roadmap to success; that is, document your vision, mission and clearly state your values, with defined goals, objectives and targets. It is also vital to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. And above all, create action plans required to achieve success in the near future.” Actualizing the Winning Life Table will help you to achieve this for yourself.

  1. The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a tool for assessing your life in the present and helping you to see what aspect is optimal and which is out of balance so you can vividly see what you need to improve.” So, I included this in the book to allow you room to gauge where you are at present and to determine how much more improvements you need to make to forge your life towards your preferred destination.

4.     DISC Personality Test

Recall I said that the goal of UNLOCK is to bring you through a thorough experience of self-awareness and -assessment. The DISC Personality Test in this section of the book will further help you to achieve that.

Essentially, DISC Personality testing helps you to know yourself, understand why you act the way you do, respond to life in peculiar ways different from everyone else, communicate as you do, relate with people how you do, etc. Naturally, it introduces and acquaints you with yourself; hence, your Unlock journey will be incomplete without this crucial step.

Now you know what to expect from UNLOCK (assuming you have read all three reviews). So, get your copy now and start UNLOCKing all of the treasures that are yours by life’s grand design.

I am your Winning Life Partner and can’t wait to hear of the transformation that this book will birth for you.








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